5 Key Steps for Commercial Metal Roof Hail Restoration

While there may be established times during the calendar year that could be referred to as ‘hail season’, so long as the conditions are right, hail can strike at any time. With the amount of damage that can come from hail in a very short amount of time, it is no wonder that commercial metal roof hail restoration would be quite popular after a major hailstorm. While residential damage is consequential in its own right, commercial hail damage can have major reverberations the likes of which can be difficult, if not impossible, from which to come back.

That sounds quite serious, but it is important to remember that commercial operations are more than just exteriors. The goods and materials housed in them are usually worth thousands of dollars, if not much more. Damage to these goods may be devastatingly expensive. Furthermore, depending on the size of the operation, a number of employees may be affected if the business has to be closed for repairs. All in all, what was only some hail (at least by some estimation) has snowballed into a major problem.

Getting back to business is paramount. Step one is putting the right commercial metal roof hail restoration contractor on site ASAP. This is absolutely necessary to make getting back to ‘normal’ happen as quickly as possible. A lot can happen between a storm hitting and things starting to settle. Your contractor wants to be able to do a number of things when they are on the premises:

Conduct an inspection

Begin documenting anything and everything

Begin assessing all of your materials and their worth

The contractor will also take the important step of looking beyond the roof. Far too often, less-thorough roofing contractors will only look at the roof itself. Ideal metal roof contractors will understand that hail damage encapsulates your roof, signage, windows, lighting, and the structure as a whole. In essence, they are taking a fine-toothed comb to the site to make sure all damage is taken into account as part of their inspection/documentation process.

More than anything else, the biggest key to commercial metal roof hail restoration is showcase one thing — metal roofs are not impervious to damage. There is a belief that since because metal roofing panels are made of steel, they are made to last forever. Even if they take a dent or two, that cosmetic snafu is nothing but an aesthetic aberration, certainly nothing that would require an insurance company to provide coverage on.

In truth, while metal roofs are stout, they can and do get damaged, even if the type of damage they receive is different than that of a traditional roof. This is why finding the right contractor for commercial metal roof hail restoration is so important.

Here at THR Roofing Solutions, we know this and get to work on your behalf. We’re a Texas-based company whose aim is to get you all of the insurance coverage you deserve, as well as help make sure the work done on site meets and exceeds industry standards. Contact THR Roofing Solutions.

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