Residential Projects

THR excels in restoring the roofs of large residential homes with Standing Seam roofs. These claims are grossly underpaid or denied by insurance as residential adjusters are familiar with shingle roofs only.

The first ‘secret’ to commercial metal roof hail restoration is to get an expert inspection underway ASAP. Yes, you certainly want to be sure you contact your insurance company as well. But getting someone on your property that is specifically trained to look for minute details related to hail damage will be crucial to making sure the right amount of insurance payout is accounted for.

You also want to be part of the mix when it comes to documentation. Making sure you make a record of the damage you see, even if it seems trivial, is important in the long run. It should be said that as a homeowner, much of your documentation work will actually start before any storm hits. It is always better to be proactive rather than reactive. What’s more, insurance companies can always claim that damage they see was likely a pre-existing issue that had nothing to do with the hail/storm in question for the claim being made.

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