Insurance Claims

The Problem with Most Commercial Insurance Settlements

What was supposed to be a simple phone call to make an insurance claim has now become an exercise in legal jargon and what feels like bad faith operating on the part of the insurance company. As tough as it is to hear, insurance companies do not want to pay out money. Their ability to deny a claim means they have gathered enough information to support their denial, which is where adjusters come into the mix.

Adjusters know what to look for, as well as what not to find, when it comes to hail damage on metal roofs. Not only is the roof affected, but damage can include gutters, signage, windows, and other parts of the structure.


Conventional Companies Do This

Insurance issued payment for partial roof repairs and some damages accounting for only $362,532.94 (for example).

The result is an underfunded project that left the owner with a patchwork of roof repairs and unfixed damages.

THR Does This

We itemize all needed repairs, handle resistance from the insurance company, and get you an adequate settlement that covers all costs. This allows all damages to be expertly repaired, leaving nothing incomplete.

Our efforts typically get you covered for roof, gutters, painting, windows, lighting and signage.

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