What Your Insurance Adjuster Doesn’t Want You to Know About Commercial Hail Restoration of Metal Roofs

In the world of commercial hail restoration, metal roofs may not get the attention that other materials might. The assumption is that since high-gauge steel panels are in place, little to no damage would be really possible, especially against bits of ice. However, this is the first of many issues that arises when it comes to insurance companies attempting to find ways to deny claims of hail damage.

This, of course, comes after commercial enterprises have spent thousands of dollars annually for peace of mind in protecting their property with what they felt was a sound insurance policy. In short, policy language and the details covered in said policy become weaponized against business owners.

On the surface, the wording of many policies for metal roofs can seemingly be quite comprehensive. Business owners bear the brunt of a rough storm, survey the damage the next day, and place their first call to their insurance company. But details about the physical damage language in their policy become clearer. Hail damage exclusions based on “cosmetic” vs. “functional” damage become very important:

  • Did the hail that annihilated your building actually cause physical damage?
  • Did the scratches, dents, and/or other notable issues also have holes and/tears that could undermine the efficacy of the roof’s function?
  • Has the roof’s lifespan been diminished because of the “damage” present?

What was supposed to be a simple phone call to make an insurance claim has now become an exercise in legal jargon and what feels like bad faith operating on the part of the insurance company. As tough as it is to hear, insurance companies do not want to pay out money. Their ability to deny a claim means they have gathered enough information to support their denial, which is where adjusters come into the mix. Adjusters know what to look for, as well as what not to find, when it comes to hail damage on metal roofs. Not only is the roof affected, but damage can include gutters, signage, windows, and other parts of the structure.

Keep in mind that for insurance companies, it is all about the money. Metal roofs are becoming more popular in modern construction. They cost more upfront, including insurance. This means that should something happen over the life of the roof, a proper claim coverage will be significant, something that the business owner factored into their initial investment of a metal roof, not to mention their partnering with their insurance company.

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At the end of the day, insurance adjusters do not want you to know that you, as the consumer, have rights. However, time is of the essence. It is important to have proper advocacy. THR Roofing Solutions fights for business owners. We ensure they receive the correct amount for their commercial insurance settlement. Plus, we oversee the completion of construction to ensure the use of top-quality materials and premier workmanship. Contact us today about your project today.

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