The Secret to Commercial Metal Roof Hail Restoration

When taking into consideration the full phrase ‘commercial metal roof hail restoration’, there is one particular word that stands out — restoration. By default, this implies that the previous iteration of the metal roof in question was completely destroyed or ruined to such an extent that returning it to its former glory will take Herculean means.

In truth, the notion of restoration in the context of hail damage to a metal roof means something different. This isn’t to say that there is not a time when hail is so large and problematic that it absolutely destroys entire roofs. However, hail damage is tricky when one is dealing with a metal roof.

The panels that go on commercial roofs are usually made with thick-gauge commercial grade steel. They are fire and wind resistant, not to mention offer improved energy efficiency over time. Metal roofing panels also carry rating systems based on Underwriters Laboratories (UL) testing for impact resistance, UL 2218 Class 1 through 4. Class 4 is considered the most impact resistant and ideal in cases of hail. The issue is that even when hail does not cause distinct, discernible damage to a metal roof, there can be microfractures and other small, imperceptible compromises to the steel that could cause premature degradation.

As such, the first ‘secret’ to commercial metal roof hail restoration is to get an expert inspection underway ASAP. Yes, you certainly want to be sure you contact your insurance company as well. But getting someone on your property that is specifically trained to look for minute details related to hail damage will be crucial to making sure the right amount of insurance payout is accounted for.

You also want to be part of the mix when it comes to documentation. Making sure you make a record of the damage you see, even if it seems trivial, is important in the long run. It should be said that as a business owner, much of your documentation work will actually start before any storm hits. It is always better to be proactive rather than reactive. What’s more, insurance companies can always claim that damage they see was likely a pre-existing issue that had nothing to do with the hail/storm in question for the claim being made.

The biggest secret to commercial metal roof hail restoration

A final ‘secret’ to commercial metal roof hail restoration is perhaps the most important element of all — advocacy. Business owners need to be sure they get the right team on their side. This is where THR Roofing Solutions shines its brightest. We understand that hail is more than just hail. Not only can accumulation be problematic, but it can be accompanied with high winds, thunderstorms, and heavy rain, all of which cause damage that should be covered by insurance policies. Our main goal is to make sure your business is back to normal as soon as possible. Contact THR Roofing Solutions and let us know how we can help you get back on track today.

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