What You Should Know About Commercial Metal Roofing Repair After A Storm

There are a number of things that keep business owners up at night. One of them happens to be the prospect of commercial metal roofing repair. It is no secret that when a storm, particularly a strong one, comes through, the roof takes the brunt of its impact. However, knowing just how much damage may have been done can sometimes feel like a very inexact science.

Once the weather has moved on and the light of day has put everything into focus, the proverbial clock has started ticking regarding property repairs and establishing insurance claims. Furthermore, if the weather was fairly severe, it is likely that other homes and businesses were also impacted, making for costly delays in getting an adjuster out to survey damage.

It would seem that having a metal roof would give business owners some peace of mind because of the stout nature of the material. However, no two metal roofs are the same in terms of their make-up, construction, or installation. Even more problematic is the fact that metal roof installation has become a battlefield of sorts in terms of insurance coverage. 

Commercial metal roofing repair has found itself steeped in levels of controversy mainly because metal roofs are very good at what they do. Because they cost more to procure and install, they inevitably cost more to insure. When something does happen to them, insurance has to cover that cost, a step most insurance companies do their best to not have to do. This has led to a number of exclusions made to policies to help sidestep policy responsibilities.

The thing is that most, if not all, business owners know little to nothing about the metal roofs on their operations, which is certainly not going to mean any kind of bliss now or in the future. Things you need to be on the lookout for after a storm include:

  • Punctures and scratches
  • Shifting in the fasteners
  • Denting in the panels

But here’s the thing — you won’t see everything you need to see. That is the key to all of this. As a business owner, the crucial part to successful commercial roofing metal repair is working with a contractor that knows what to look for in metal roofing after major or minor weather, but also serves as an advocate when working with your insurance company.

This is where working with THR Roofing Solutions can make all the difference in the world. We make sure your insurance claim takes into account everything that comes with a commercial metal roofing repair. This includes: 

  • Getting all the coverage your claim deserves.
  • Making sure you have access to premium materials for your repairs.
  • Ensuring quality installation and craftsmanship.

Call THR Roofing Solutions today at 512-431-6775 or use our webform to request a free consultation.

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