5 Questions To Answer Before Beginning Commercial Building Damage Repair

Few things create as much of a sinking feeling in the pit of a business owner’s stomach than having to contend with the aftermath of severe weather. Coordinating the ins and outs of commercial building damage repair, all while trying to keep up with the welfare of employees among a million other things, can leave even the strongest person crestfallen, stressed out, and broken.

Even worse, it leaves business owners vulnerable and open to being taken advantage of via predatory fly-by-night repair operations. They promise the moon but do no work, quickly skipping town with one’s money in hand.

Scary scenarios aside, there is still plenty for business owners to be afraid of in the wake of severe storms causing damage to their facilities. Considering that some of this weather often comes during the middle of the night, many folks aren’t able to fully grasp situations with their full faculties. They are tired, worried about their own homes and families, and in some cases, may even be away from the area. Even when extreme weather can be planned for, certain conditions can be destructive no matter the preparation.

So, when damage does takes place and business owners are in a position where they are on the premises, what are the first steps they should be taking? It all starts with asking the right questions. For example:

Where is my insurance policy and what does it ACTUALLY cover? It will be imperative that business owners pour over their insurance policy’s details, especially with a legal representative if possible. They need to know what their policy covers and how it will impact them with respect to the storm damage faced.

How quickly can I get an adjuster on the premises? It is likely that other homes and businesses are also dealing with damage. This means that insurance claims adjusters will be on the move from morning until night. Business owners need to get an adjuster on site ASAP or risk having to wait for an extended period of time. The longer the wait, the longer it will take to get things going in terms of repairs.

What is the best way for my team and I to document damage that has taken place on the premises? Just about everyone has a top-tier quality camera on their person — their phone. The camera is perfect for still photos and video, not to mention it has great capabilities for documenting timestamps.

Do I really need a third-party commercial building repair contractor to provide any kind of secondary opinion/additional inspection? As tough as it might be to believe, insurance companies are not looking out for you. They can find ways to not honor policies based on the language in the contract. This is why working with a third-party commercial repair contractor is crucial for a second opinion. In fact, their input will be vital in making sure a business owner gets all repairs covered.

Here at THR Roofing Solutions, we’re a Texas-based roofing company that is 100% client-oriented. We have a highly experienced, certified team with one goal in mind — making sure your commercial building damage repair is given the individual attention it deserves.

Still not sure about making that call? Ask yourself this final question — how long will my operation be out of commission? Call us today for a free consultation and see what a difference working with us can make.

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